Teen Wolf AU: Everything is the same, but Stiles is getting fed up with Derek leading him on, and turning him on just to go off and try to get himself killed because he has some kind of freakish death wish

Stiles: “Do you have some kind of need to die, whenever you look at me or something?!”

Derek:”It’s not that Stiles…”

Stiles: “Then why do you say you love me, then take off t…

Derek: “So I can keep you safe you idiot!!”

Teen Wolf AU:  Everything is the same except Stiles is Alpha and Derek is the human hes taking a liking to. 

Derek:”Stiles your pack needs you”

Stiles:”Your pack too.”

Teen Wolf AU: Stiles Gets bit and on his second full moon him and Derek get into a fight, and since hes mad at Derek he’s not working as his anchor so Stiles is out in the woods when he comes across 2 men hunting for deer.

Stiles:”I don’t know what happened! I.. I just woke up bloody and .. they.. I..”

Derek: “Stiles..”

Stiles: “Oh my god I killed someone, oh my god oh my god.”

Derek:”It’s going to be okay, everything is going to be okay.”

Teen Wolf AU: Everything is the same except Stiles is the Pack Alpha whose mom and dad were murdered by Kate, Derek is Scott’s human best friend, And Scott and Allison are still together. 

Scott:”She’s different then her family!”

Stiles:”That’s what they want you to think. Its not happening, end of discussion.”


 Teen Wolf AU: Everything is the same, except Stiles is the Alpha with no family, and Derek is his little human. 

Stiles: “Well you’re going to have to go through me.”

Ducalion: “Arrangements can be made for that.”